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Having both worked in the care sector during the first wave of the pandemic we know and understand from first-hand experience the importance of a comfortable well-fitted facemask.

Whilst we were obviously provided with the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needed we found that wearing disposable facemasks for up to twelve hours a day was not a pleasant experience.

The elastic was painful behind our ears, and the fibres irritated our noses. We tried all the tricks out there to try and stop the backs of our ears becoming sore.

After buying umpteen shop bought fabric facemasks to no avail, we realised that there must be many people having the same problems we were.

We both have many years of seamstress experience between us, so we decided that if we couldn’t find what we wanted we’d just have to design and produce a facemask that was both comfortable and fun to wear, so much so, that we now not only see them as protection but as fashion accessories and have great fun deciding which one of our designs we’ll wear next.

We’ve researched in detail how the facemask should fit to work effectively and have spent many hours choosing fabrics that are soft, lightweight and comfortable to wear with soft adjustable ear loops which are pure bliss.

All of our face masks have the recommended three layers so they can be used without a filter, but also give you the option of adding a fourth layer of protection by inserting a charcoal filter into the specially designed pocket. They all have removable nose bridges meaning that they are both machine washable, and can also be ironed unlike the ones with a sewn-in filter, after all, exceptional quality is a must and we want our face masks to stay looking as good after they have been worn, washed and ironed as they did when you received them.

We also offer *Rescue Packs* so you can replace your nose bridges and filters to extend the life span of your purchase.

We are not a mass production company, our facemasks are expertly made to order by a team of seamstresses in Somerset and Birmingham, and we aim to get your purchase to you within five working days via Royal Mail.

We hope that you will be happy with the quality of our facemasks and that your purchase has been worth waiting for.

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